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How much does shipping cost? 

Enjoy as much as an 80% discount on international shipping with major couriers. 

What can’t I ship internationally from the United States? 

With customs regulations changing every day, we always recommend that customers inquire directly with their local customs office on particular items. Not only do regulations change frequently, but sometimes it’s up to the customs officials on-duty at the time your package arrives at their facility. 

eGlobalusa has guidelines for each country, so be sure to get specific import / exporting rules for the country you wish to ship to from your eGlobalusa team member. 

These items typically have restrictions or prohibitions: 
-Combustible or Flammable Items
-Currency, including stamps and coins
-Perishable Foods
-Furs, Skins, and Animal Parts
-Gambling and Lottery Items
-Government IDs and uniforms
-Hazardous Materials
-Pharmaceutical Drugs and Narcotics
-Pressurized Cans
-Tactical Equipment and Weapons

If you are looking to send an item on the list above, it is best to confirm what regulations are required for the country you are sending to.  

For more information, please check out our Dangerous Goods and Prohibited and Restricted Item Guide, or contact your eGlobalusa team member. 

Is this a warehousing or fulfillment operation? 

No. You control your inventory, your customer, and your customer’s experience.

How is eGlobalusa going to affect my current process? 

Our software is an “add-on” to your current process and gives you the ability to process international orders and ship to international customers easily. 

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