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How to avoid international shipment holds

Aug 2, 2021

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How do you avoid international shipment holds? One of the most common questions we get about international eCommerce shipping is how to avoid those pesky customs holds or delays in processing. While sometimes these things DO happen, you can do several things upfront to avoid them. We’ve even got a handy troubleshooting guide for you!

Today, we’ll go over the top 5 problems, how to avoid international shipment holds, and what delay you can expect when something happens. 

Let’s jump in! 

Common Problem #1 – 

Your item isn’t allowed in the country you’re shipping to. 

How can you avoid this?

Going through your product list and where you are thinking about shipping to with your eGlobalusa team member is a great way to prevent this kind of hold! Check out our quick guide to prohibited and restricted items.

Common Problem #2 – 

The delivery address on your label is incorrect. 

How can you avoid this? 

Use a system for shipping that includes address validation for each country you would like to ship to. So many countries have different layouts and preferences for how their addresses should be formatted. A great shipping solution will have validation on addresses for each country to make this process easy for you. 

Common Problem #3 – 

No phone number or email address is provided, or a fake email or phone number is provided. 

How can you avoid this? 

Make this information mandatory at checkout! Make sure you include the importance of including the correct phone number and email address in your shipping policies in case of issues with delivery. 

Common Problem #4 – 

Not providing a detailed description of the items you are shipping. 

How can you avoid this? 

Be as detailed as possible when describing your items for customs paperwork. For example, instead of saying “man’s shirt,” say “men’s blue cotton button-down shirt.” 

It helps when describing your items to include the material, color, and brand if known. 

Common Problem #5 – 

I have a delay in processing or hold in customs! I don’t know what to do!

How can you avoid this? 

When you work with an international eCommerce partner like eGlobalusa, you don’t have to worry about this at all! Not only do they set you up for success from the beginning, but they will help you decipher any delays in processing or customs and find a quick solution. 

While I know these might not cover all the problems you have with customs and processing, we’ve outlined a few more in a quick and easy guide. If you’re interested in learning more and getting a copy of our guide, click the button below! 

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Are you ready to jump in with eGlobalusa’s international eCommerce solutions? Today is the BEST day to start sending your products all over the world. Don’t get confused by everything you need to do, talk to a trusted guide to help you through the entire process, from set up to your first international shipment. We’re your wizard behind the curtain – no matter if you ship millions of products internationally or it’s your first one.

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