Express vs. Economy service, Which is better?

Jun 21, 2021

Express vs. economy service, which one is better? Knowing which shipping services to offer is a common problem that many online businesses find themselves in. Many offer express and economy service, but which one is better? Which company and what services work better for you? Will one service help you save time by cutting down on package claims? Who can help me if I have a customs holds? What happens when I have lost packages? Which service makes my customers happier? Sometimes it feels like the questions are endless!

However, eGlobalusa brings a unique solution for making your international shipping options more attractive: express and economy services. 

When should you use eGlobalusa’s international economy services? 

  • If you’re looking for big savings in a global shipping solution with large service areas
  • If you’re interested in delivery duties unpaid (DDU), meaning your recipient pays the duties. This option is very common and expected with international shoppers.
  • Your products are smaller in size than the typical one-pound package

eGlobalusa’s economy service offers more flexibility and better prices. In this service, you also have the added benefit of eGlobalusa’s customs screening. We’re like your TSA pre-flight check, making sure your shipment will easily clear customs and taking care of any issues that come up.

eGlobalusa’s 3 Economy Services:

Parcel Direct

  • 3 – 10 day delivery to 37 major countries
  • For packages up to 44lbs. 
  • Faster, more reliable service with an easy way to track your package.

Parcel Standard

  • 4 – 14 day delivery to 220+ countries
  • For packages up to 44lbs. 
  • Consistent, reliable service with tracking to delivery confirmation.


  • 4 – 8 day delivery
  • For packages up to 4lbs. 
  • Perfect for lower cost, lower weight shipments. 

Key takeaways for Economy service:

eGlobalusa’s international economy service offers you flexibility and savings. You get the savings that come with using a postal option, but with customs pre-screening and support from eGlobalusa. Your orders get the care that comes with express service, all while offering a better price for you and your customers. And, you can still track your packages from your door to your customers.

When should you use eGlobalusa’s Express services? 

  • You ship internationally almost every day.
  • You want fast delivery.
  • Shipments need to be tracked closely and carefully
  • You like it when shipments are picked up from your door.

In other words, eGlobalusa’s express service is awesome for making sure that your products get to your customers on time.

eGlobalusa’s Express Service:

  • 2 – 3 day delivery
  • Schedule pickups from where you are
  • Paperless options available

Key takeaways for Express service:

Express service is a great way to give your customers the option of the 2-day delivery they love. Express delivers packages within 2 – 3 business days worldwide. As the best service for international shipping, it has a faster screening process. eGlobalusa also offers a pre-paid duties option with express service, as well as a paperless option.

Express vs. economy service, which one is better?

Express vs. economy service, which one is better? The best answer is both! With eGlobalusa, you get to offer both services to your international customers. They will have the choice to choose the lower cost, longer delivery option with economy service, and the more expensive, but the shorter delivery option of express service. Many customers (both within the US and outside of it) are used to 2-day shipping options, so giving customers the option of an express adds an important option for your customers.

And, the best part of both services is that you know your costs. Set up your shipping any way you want. Your customers can pay for your shipping, or you can offer “free” shipping. You’ll know exactly what you’re spending on shipping each month. 

The eGlobalusa difference

The eGlobalusa team is on hand from your first international eCommerce shipment to your one millionth and beyond! We are a powerful ally in your corner. With a background in freight forwarding, our experienced staff of experts and licensed customs brokers help you get your international eCommerce shipping solutions set up right from the beginning. No worrying if you did the paperwork right, no worrying about shipments clearing customs – eGlobalusa takes care of it all. 

Ready to simplify your international eCommerce shipping? eGlobalusa is ready to help you!

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