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eGlobalusa’s new International eCommerce Service

Jun 7, 2021

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You’ve seen our new look, now check out our new services! eGlobalusa is proud to now offer international eCommerce rates along with our worldwide express service.

eCommerce service is perfect for companies shipping small, light packages less than 4lbs. While we do have rates for heavier, the benefits of this service really shine with smaller packages. The rates are heavily discounted (think better than postal!), but packages are still moved with trusted couriers. You still get the same tracking and delivery confirmation as express, as well as eGlobalusa’s top-rated service. 

What makes eGlobalusa’s eCommerce service different from express service? 

Transit times for eCommerce service vary, because delivery is often through local providers. However, our customers experience transit times of 4 – 8 business days instead of the 2 – 3 days enjoyed by express service. 

Another key difference between eCommerce service and express is the price! Express, while a great service to offer to customers is often expensive. eGlobalusa’s eCommerce service is way more affordable for international orders, especially for smaller packages like rings, clothing, and shoes! 

There is no pick-up option offered for the eCommerce service like there is express, but we do have a few options to keep the process simple and painless for our customers – always our main goal! 

eCommerce shipments still have to go through eGlobalusa’s customs clearance process. But don’t worry! Much like our express service, when you ship with our eCommerce service you click, print, and send anywhere! We take care of the rest for you. Your shipment will be cleared for customs (much like TSA pre-check at the airport for people!) and sent to its destination. 

Why is eGlobalusa’s eCommerce service so helpful for companies? 

eGlobalusa’s eCommerce service gives companies of any size the ability to offer international shipping on orders without the cost. This opens the global marketplace to everyone, regardless of company size! Everyone, from the mom with a side hustle to a mutli-million dollar company can benefit from setting up their international shipping with eGlobalusa’s eCommerce service. 

Is there anything I can’t send with eGlobalusa’s eCommerce service?

Yes! Check out our Prohibited and Restricted Guide here. 

eCommerce service is set up the same in the eGlobalusa software portal, making this service as easy as click, print, send anywhere. 


Connect with 40+ eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and more. Offer our discounted rates from major couriers to customers in real-time on your platform. Customers see the costs upfront! You can batch shipments for quick processing, or create one-off shipments. Save frequently used addresses in your address book. See orders from every sales channel in one place. Save time when processing orders for shipment.


Everything you need for international eCommerce, set up and ready from day one. Print labels from major couriers with a click, ready to attach to your packages. Print packing slips, commercial invoices and all customs documents quickly and easily. We even support paperless transmissions! Don’t have a special label printer? Don’t worry! Print everything you need from a regular printer.

Send Anywhere

Send one package at a time or send in bulk. Our software supports you from your first shipment to your last. Choose our worldwide express service to schedule pickups of packages at your location. eGlobalusa offers full tracking from your door to your customers, with delivery confirmation. Great peace of mind for every step of an order’s journey. With service to over 220 countries, reach customers all over the world.

Tired of your international shipping solutions and ready to try something that will actually help you? Today is the best day to start! Don’t let international shipping confuse you, talk to a trusted guide to help you through the entire process. We want to be your wizard behind the curtain! 

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