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Jun 1, 2021

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Say hello to your new international eCommerce solution. We are excited to announce our new website design. eGlobalusa has a great new look. A new site, new style for an easier, faster experience. Our new website is full of features and customized solutions for meeting all of your international eCommerce needs. eGlobalusa has everything you need for setting up or streamlining your international shipping services.

Our new jam-packed site and blog promote business growth from every stage. We’re ready to make your international eCommerce strategy as easy as click, print, send anywhere. The goal for all of us at eGlobalusa is to delight your customers no matter where they are located, all while streamlining your international eCommerce process. First, we offer great discounts for major couriers. Second, we can integrdate your eCommerce or warehouse platform, or allow you to create manual shipments! Thirdly, we offer unmatched assistance in setting up all customs documentation, ensuring your packages clear customs the first time.

Our Mission

As a result, Globalusa’s mission is to provide eCommerce retailers with the solutions to send products internationally without making their process difficult. Our passionate, knowledgeable, and helpful team will help with every step of the process from set-up to problem-solving. It’s one of the things that makes us the best!

Our new site design was created with you and your needs in mind. We are logistics nerds at heart thanks to our background in freight forwarding. Our passion is all about showing you a better way to send your products anywhere in the world. eGlobalusa is here for all of your international eCommerce solutions.

We’re for Thinking Smarter, Simplicity, and Success

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By thinking smarter, we make the process as simple as possible by integrating our software into your existing platforms. Whether it is an eCommerce platform like Shopify or WooComerce or a warehouse management system, we have a plan. In other words, we strive to be the best option available to you every single day. 

Standing for simplicity, we use our knowledge of logistics, freight forwarding, and customs clearance to make your life easier. Moreover, you can create, cancel and track deliveries, print shipping labels, and print any and all customs documentation in one place. 

We set you up for success. For example, by walking through each step of the process, you will understand international shipping with us. Because of this, we have extensive training and top-rated customer service and support for you. 

As a result, eGlobalusa customers enjoy a rise in happy international customers – packages are fully tracked and arrive quickly. Not only that, but customers also see saved time and money within their own logistics processes. International eCommerce doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer – we believe the global marketplace should be open and accessible to everyone! Now anyone can be a part of it no matter how big or small their company is.


Connect with 40+ eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and more. Offer our discounted rates from major couriers to customers in real-time on your platform. Customers see the costs upfront! You can batch shipments for quick processing, or create one-off shipments. Save frequently used addresses in your address book. See orders from every sales channel in one place. Save time when processing orders for shipment.


Everything you need for international eCommerce, set up and ready from day one. Print labels from major couriers with a clik, ready to attach to your packages. Print packing slips, commercial invoices and all customs documents quickly and easily. We even support paperless transmissions! Don’t have a special label printer? Don’t worry! Print everything you need from a regular printer.

Send Anywhere

Send one package at a time or send in bulk. Our software supports you from your first shipment to your last. Choose our worldwide express service to schedule pickups of packages at your location. eGlobalusa offers full tracking from your door to your customers, with delivery confirmation. Great peace of mind for every step of an order’s journey. With service to over 220 countries, reach customers all over the world in 2 – 3 days with our worldwide express service.

Join the Logistics Nerd Community!

Are you ready to jump in with eGlobalusa’s international eCommerce solutions? Today is the BEST day to start sending your products all over the world. Don’t get confused by everything you need to do, talk to a trusted guide to help you through the entire process, from set up to your first international shipment. We’re your wizard behind the curtain – no matter if you ship millions of products internationally or it’s your first one.

We’d love you to be a part of our Logistics Nerds Community! Subscribers have first access to new services, discounts, and specials – not to mention our quarterly newsletter and quick tips for better international eCommerce. Click the link below to sign up!

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