when is the best time to start selling products internationally?

When is the best time to start selling your products internationally?

Oct 13, 2020

When is the best time to start selling products internationally? Today!

If you are like half of US eCommerce retailers, you only sell to the US customers. You are missing out on the great growth opportunity that is international eCommerce. When is the best time to start selling your products internationally? RIGHT NOW!

eCommerce is king in Europe, Australia, and countries like South Korea and China. In fact, China’s eCommerce market is the biggest in the world. Did you know it’s almost double that of the United States? China’s eCommerce giant Alibaba recorded Singles Day sales in 2019 that reached $38 million, compared to just $5.8 million for Amazon Prime Day in 2019.

So how do you deliver?

The challenge for US businesses that want to break into overseas markets is to find a way to deliver the same great service to international customers that they offer domestically.

The internet has made cross-border communication instantaneous, so taking orders is no problem. However, you will still have some hurdles to overcome to expand internationally. Traditionally, many businesses have gone the route of expensive physical locations overseas. Distribution centers overseas, brick and mortar locations, or using fulfillment services where they have little control over their own inventory stretch operations thin. 

2020 has brought its own problems

2020 has brought its own slate of problems for domestic and international orders. With shifting uncertainty, lack of workers and a huge rise in demand, many shipping options have become a nightmare. Where many companies use the more economical option that postal services offer, they are having issues with many parts. A common theme with retailers has been that they spend more time tracking down lost packages, disputing claims and trying to make sense of what little tracking they are given that they don’t feel international shipping is for them.

In a time when most companies are trying to weather a pandemic, why should they step out and try international eCommerce when domestic delivery is giving them trouble? It seems like a lost cause with the documentation, restrictions and logistics involved in getting a package overseas. 

You can do this!

That’s where eGlobalUSA comes in. With a background in traditional freight forwarding and logistics, eGlobalUSA offers a shipping solution platform to simplify your international shipping process. You need no fulfillment center, physical location in another country or other agent. You will control your own supply chain and customer experience. When you integrate with our software solution, you can start selling products internationally with no problem!

Even if you sell across several eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon and other online marketplaces, you can see all your orders in one place. Print labels and all documentation needed for your shipments quickly. eGlobalUSA takes care of the rest, from getting your orders overseas to handling customs clearance and any problems with shipping. 

You want tracking? We have tracking!

What do you get? Full tracking and delivery confirmation on each order. It’s rare we have lost packages or issues with tracking because we don’t use the postal service, we use an exclusive network of private couriers who get your products to their destinations. Quit spending your time tracking down packages or managing claims from postal carriers – eGlobalUSA sets you up for success from the beginning to ship your products internationally as easily as you do domestically. 

We walk you through every step of the process from set up to your first shipments. With eGlobalUSA, you have a powerful logistics department in your pocket no matter if it’s your first shipment or your 100,000 shipment. You don’t need to worry about the rules and restrictions for each country and the customs documentation needed, that’s our job!

We want to help your business, big or small. Our platform makes it as easy to ship 10 packages a week as 10,000 internationally. We’re designed with your growth in mind. When is the best time to start international eCommerce? NOW! Click here to hear from our team and start your international eCommerce journey today – millions of shoppers are waiting on your products.



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