Common Problems in International eCommerce

Oct 5, 2020

woman having a problem with international eCommerce

The rise of eCommerce hasn’t come without trials. One of the most common problems in international eCommerce for online retailers is the complete loss of tracking. When talking to a customer about her struggles while trying to break into international eCommerce, she complained that she spends more time tracking packages and claims than anything else. At her wits’ end, she knows she needs a simpler service with full tracking and delivery confirmation. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of her mind.

Losing sales and customers

We’ve heard it time and time again, lack of tracking is causing companies to lose sales. She’s not the only one struggling with package visibility either. Selling products internationally often feels like swimming in a sea filled with complicated processes. Logistics, documentation, taxes, customs and hidden fees top a few.

Companies offering their products to international consumers need know each country’s rules and regulations, which change from time to time. Certain products might even have certain rules, especially when it comes to food, drugs, alcohol, weapons and antiques. Tax requirements, the correct documentation and a process in case any disputes arise are also important. 

Is it even worth it?

Package size, weight, insurance and other factors still need to be considered. You often wonder, is it even worth it? So many problems come to the front of your mind, could they ever outweigh the benefits?

Another recent customer cited his issues with package size and weights. His shipping rates were quoted as one number, but the final invoiced amount was higher. His packaging was not efficient for his products, so he is being charged for a higher weight than his package actually is. Valuable time is also being taken up with disputing invoices. So much so that he feels his company just isn’t keeping up with his competitors.

Consumer behavior forces change

In an era where transparency has a high value, how can international shipping be offered when packages may be lost and never get there? How can you offer your products internationally when you can’t ensure they will get where they’re going in a timely manner? In this age of Amazon-like instant gratification, we want our packages! We want them now! A]nd we want full visibility on where they are after they ship! With consumers becoming used to this instant gratification, what can a company do to keep up?

Solutions are possible!

eGlobalUSA has a solution for these common problems in international eCommerce. Our platform allows you to offer multiple shipping options with discounted shipping rates. Our rates are super competitive, and we use private couriers as well as more common final mile services to offer full tracking and delivery confirmation on each package. 

Do you offer products on multiple eCommerce platforms? Integrate all platforms and see everything on one screen.

Even though we offer you a software solution, we go through the entire implementation process with you, from set up to your first shipments. You get full training from day one to make sure you know how everything works, and the most efficient system for you. Here at eGlobalUSA we’re looking to create a relationship, not just give you a plug in and send you on your way. We’re your shoulder to lean on. 

We’re here, for YOU.

eGlobalUSA takes on the issues of tracking, exceptions and lost packages – it’s our job! There is a dedicated team of customs brokers and logistics professionals behind our platform. Lost packages aren’t something we deal with a lot, because we offer full tracking and delivery confirmation with our competitive rates. 

We also advise you on embargoes, restrictions and who will be more complicated to do business with at this time, ensuring you have your best foot forward in the global marketplace.

With eGlobalUSA, you get a solution for your eCommerce world. Want to learn more? Our VP of Sales, Tim would love to give you some more information about eGlobalUSA. We want to know the struggles you are having with international eCommerce, and how we can help. Click here, we’d love to hear from you! 



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