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Sep 28, 2020

eGlobalusa – international eCommerce made easy. Click, Print, Send Anywhere.

With a background in freight forwarding, we began to see that traditional freight companies were having trouble separating international eCommerce shipping from traditional freight. If you’re selling stickers vs. container loads of bicycles, you know the difference! 2020 changed the landscape of eCommerce forever, and more retailers than ever are looking for solutions to help them with their new normal.

Companies usually think that offering their products internationally means opening up an actual location in another country. For some, it means an actual brick-and-mortar store or a distribution facility. However, that gets pricey, fast! How can you test new markets and offer products to new customers in a quick and cost-effective way? What are you to do if you don’t even know where to start with international shipping? And why is it all so complicated?!

Our services help you

Our services were created to streamline shipping processes. We work with you to ship your products from your door to your customers, all while saving you time and money.

Our passion is eCommerce. Use our software to offer discounted international shipping rates to potential customers in real-time on your shopping platform. We even integrate with over 40 existing platforms and can create custom integrations for other systems. In other words, you can offer cheaper, more dependable shipping options to your international customers than ever before. And, you’ll know your costs upfront.

Print shipping labels, commercial invoices, and documentation at your location. You control your inventory and customer experience. We’re your wizard behind the curtain, making international eCommerce as easy as click, print, send anywhere. As a result, you’ll send products around the world with ease, knowing eGlobalusa has your back.

It’s as easy as Click, Print, Send Anywhere.

To sum it all up, with over 100 years of combined logistics experience on staff, we have a team that can support your needs. We’re there with you on every step of your international eCommerce journey. From helping you figure out what you can and can’t ship internationally to ensuring your goods are correctly packaged, we’re your guide.

Want to learn more? Click here! We’d love to send you some more information and learn more about how eGlobalusa can get your international eCommerce process going, and more importantly, how to make it easy.

eGlobalusa – Click. Print. Send Anywhere.



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