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What CAN’T I ship internationally?

Aug 18, 2020

What can’t I ship internationally? When it comes to international eCommerce, it’s important to know what you can and can’t ship. You can’t always guess what you can and cannot ship to other countries, but certain items are restricted due to customs laws, airline restrictions, or your delivery company. Each country also has different restrictions on items they allow, but we’ve got a few big guidelines to help you out.

So, what can’t I ship internationally?

You can also download our handy guide here.

Living Species

You cannot ship living things internationally due to environmental concerns. This means no plants, animals, seeds, or insects.

Valuable Items

This is an area that has some wiggle room, depending on what the item is. An expensive purse is no problem, but diamonds? Those are a no-go! Be careful when shipping precious metals and other priceless items. The best way to ship those is to work with a professional.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are qualified as batteries, waste material, and anything flammable! This category also includes biological specimens.

Firearms and Weapons

You can’t ship any firearm, or its accessories like holsters, magazines, or common self-defense weapons like pepper spray, tasers, or stun guns. This doesn’t just include real firearms, it’s extended to BB guns, airsoft guns, and swords.

Military Grade Items and Equipment

Much like firearms, you cannot ship military equipment like night vision goggles, thermal imaging equipment, and replica uniforms.

Addictive or Illegal Substances

A big no-no in international shipping is of course illegal substances or addictive substances like alcoholic beverages. Amphetamines, opioids, and marijuana-related products are also included in this category.

So, what CAN you ship internationally?

You can ship almost anything else as long as the country you’re shipping to allows. Need more information? Check out the complete prohibited and restricted guide from the USPS here, or download our quick guide here!

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