How can you prepare for the holiday season TODAY?

Aug 11, 2020

I know you’re thinking the holiday season is far away, but it’s not! With Singles Day and Thanksgiving in November, the holiday season is right around the corner for retailers and international eCommerce merchants alike. With a little effort, your eCommerce business will be smoothly fulfilling orders for your customers both domestic and international well before the rush of holiday shopping hits. How can you prepare for the holiday season today?

1. Audit your customers’ experience.

  •  Can they choose from a variety of shipping options?
  •  Is it too hard to find your buy button?
  •  What kinds of payments do you accept?
  • Is it easy to reach customer service?

Put yourself in the place of your customers and go through the buying process step by step. What can you improve on? What processes from fulfillment to shipping can you streamline?

2. Review ALL of your policies, especially shipping.

  • Shipping policy
  • Returns process
  • Sale and coupon policy

Make sure you have clearly stated WHEN you ship your products, and the deadline for orders to be received on the appropriate day.

What is your return policy? Is it clearly stated?

3. Schedule your Social Media Promotion.

  • Start by auditing your data from last year. What channel drove the most traffic? What sales or promotions worked better than others?
  • Focus on those for the first part of the sales season – build on what you learned from last year.
  • Start planning your posting strategy NOW. Consistent, clear messages work well with consumers.

4. How many options do your buyers have for shopping?

  • Desktop vs. Mobile
  • In person vs Curbside
  • Online ordering for curbside pick up

Omnichannel customer experience is KING right now! Is it easy for a customer to shop in store and also purchase online? Do you use an app or a website? Can they purchase online and return in store?

5. Think about some magic

  • How can you delight your customers in this busy season?
  • Can you surprise your employees with extra support?

However you do it, remember the magic of the season amidst the craziness.

How can you prepare for the holiday season TODAY? If you start now, you’ll be selling this holiday with ease.

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