how many online shoppers buy cross border?

How many online shoppers buy cross border?

Aug 3, 2020

how many online shoppers buy cross border?

Are you curious to see how many online shoppers buy cross border? We’ve highlighted a few countries that love to order products from the United States. Some favorites include toys, children’s products and fashion. However, even auto parts are popular items in some parts of the world like South Africa.

United Arab Emirates

There are 6 million online shoppers in the UAE, and 90% of them buy from international retailers.

Good skin is in among shoppers in United Arab Emirates, and skincare items top their favorite lists. Shoppers purchase from popular stores like Sephora and ColourPop to grab on trend items from their favorite beauty bloggers.

Toys are another popular item for UAE’s online shoppers. From gifts to collectable figures, they know the US has the best choices. Walmart tops the list of popular places to shop.


There are 4 million online shoppers in Israel, and 82% of them buy cross border.

Beauty is a huge market in Israel, and shoppers love a variety of brands like Rihanna’s Fenty line, Urban Decay. Bold, fun colors and lots of choices make Sephora a popular choice with Israeli shoppers.

Fashion is also a big shopping category in Israel, because looking your best is always a good policy.

Shoppers favor the classic, clean and quality lines of stores like Ralph Lauren and Gap but love a good Nordstrom sale! (Don’t we all?!)


There are 12 million online shoppers in Australia, and 69% of them buy from international retailers.

Toys and goods for children are among the most popular items shopped for in Australia, from Paw Patrol sets for the kids to Funko Pop collectables for the adults! Amazon and Walmart top the list for most frequent orders.

Aussie shoppers also love fashion and know that the wide variety and price range of US brands makes online shopping an easy choice when choosing new outfits for the upcoming seasons. Stores that sell timeless classics like GAP and J.Crew are popular, as well as trendy shops like Forever 21 and 6pm.

New Zealand

There are 2 million online shoppers in New Zealand, and 80% of them shop cross border.

Toys, especially video games and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch are popular items among Kiwi shoppers. L.O.L Surprise! and action figures from popular children’s shows are some of the most sought after for birthdays and holidays.

Smartphones are also one of the most popular products bought by shoppers. Shoppers like high-quality, good display and a range of options in cameras to keep in touch with each other as well as keep up their social media accounts! They choose Amazon, Walmart and 6pm for their shopping needs.


There are 19 million online shoppers in Mexico, and 50% of them buy from international retailers.

Toys are one of the most popular items bought in the US and shipped to Mexico. The selection, as well as the price point make retailers like Amazon a favorite among Mexican shoppers.

For fashion forward shoppers, Etsy and eBay are popular stops to grab the season’s hottest styles at great prices.


There are 40 million online shoppers in Brazil, and 39% of them shop cross border.

The most popular items for Brazilian shoppers? Baby items!

Brazilian shoppers love taking advantage of the great prices and variety of brands that US retailers offer for baby clothing and gear. Some of the most popular shops include Carter’s and Zulilly.

what do online shoppers in Japan buy cross border?


There are 77 million online shoppers in Japan, and 14% of them shop internationally.

Despite the fact that Japan has many of their own popular brands, fashion and electronics are still two categories where they will venture out.

Brands like Disney and Apple are wildly popular with Japanese shoppers, with some of them even favoring retail giant Walmart because of their great prices.

South Africa

There are 14 million online shoppers in South Africa and 27% of them buy cross border.

South Africans love buying new upgrades for their cars as well as basic maintenance. Car parts are a popular buy for them!

Shoppers in South Africa also love shopping for toys! From craft kits, collectible figurines and LEGOs, shoppers love the price points of Walmart, Amazon and Disney.


There are 18 million online shoppers in Canada, and 67% of them buy from US retailers.

Fashion is king with online shoppers in Canada, and shoppers love refreshing their wardrobes seasonally with great picks from top US brands like GAP, Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret.

Toys are also a popular item among shoppers. Disney is a favorite with every age group as well as items from L.O.L. Surprise and LEGO!

So it’s clear, if you live overseas love searching for deals while you shop online US stores have the deals you need.

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