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International eCommerce and business growth

Jul 27, 2020

What do you need to know about international eCommerce to grow your business?

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International eCommerce is growing by 25% each year.

And as we’ve seen during the current pandemic, eCommerce in general has exploded. There will be an estimated 2.1 billion online shoppers by the year 2021. 95% of the world’s population outside the US. With so many cross-border shoppers outside of the United States, there are HUGE markets waiting for you. Cross-border commerce helps your company grow and expand revenue streams to other markets.

You don’t have to take on the world all at once!

New regulations (thanks to the USMCA) make it easier than ever to start international eCommerce. Simplified processing with Mexico and Canada make it almost as easy to ship things to them as the next state. Once you’ve mastered selling and shipping to our North American neighbors, you’ll be ready to take over the world!

An average shopping cart for an international customer has an average increased value of 70%.

Overseas shoppers want to take advantage of US sales and prices. International shoppers often buy more than domestic shoppers to make the shipping (and time it takes to get there!) worth it.

However, international eCommerce is changing and it’s getting easier to get small orders and packages shipped internationally.

It’s easier for small to medium businesses to ship smaller packages than containers, allowing smaller companies to take advantage of international eCommerce for growth.

International eCommerce shows half the returns compared to domestic sales.

International shoppers often turn to US brands because they have a limited product range available to them at the local level. This translates into a market eager for some products – and far less likely to return items.

There are thousands of products that just aren’t offered in other countries.

This limit in product availability also makes it easier for US brands to break into international markets to fill gaps. There are hundreds of international markets that could open up for your products.

Customs isn’t a barrier if you have the right partner.

When you choose the right partner for international shipping, customs clearance is a breeze! eGlobalUSA sets you up for success in international eCommerce from the beginning. It’s our passion to help companies sell cross border with ease, as easily as they do domestic!

Interested in how eGlobalUSA can help your company get set up for international eCommerce? Click here to schedule a conversation with our team – we can’t wait to help your business grow!

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