What is international eCommerce?

Jul 13, 2020

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International eCommerce (also known as global eCommerce, international digital commerce, and international social commerce) means selling products or services over geopolitical borders. This means selling to different companies or consumers from the country your business is located in.

All transactions happen digitally on an electronic platform.

In other words, international eCommerce is selling products through a custom eCommerce website or a shopping platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce to customers in other countries.

eCommerce doesn’t require a physical store location for selling products. Likewise, cross-border eCommerce doesn’t require a location in other countries to sell to them.

It doesn’t demand multiple brick-and-mortar stores for each location or warehousing for products. However, it can be an invaluable tool. Selling digitally is a great way to test what buyers in a location want BEFORE you open a new storefront.

Global eCommerce is a great way to expand your customer base.

By creating a digital store for your products, you reach customers all over the world, customers you would not have reached otherwise.

With Over 95% of the world’s population outside the US, there are millions of customers outside the United States waiting for your products. AND: the number continues to go up each year. 2020 has been a record-breaking year for eCommerce.

We broke down key eCommerce trends in 2020 here to show how fast this retail channel is growing and changing.

Who is international eCommerce open to? It’s open to EVERYONE!

And it’s not as complicated as you might think. You can sell (and ship!) small packages internationally easily.

How easily? How about as easily as you ship UPS or USPS.

Ready to dive in? Click here to schedule a demo with our team and see how easy it can be to sell your products internationally.

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