The new baseline of consumer expectations

Jun 22, 2020

There is a new baseline of consumer expectations: virtual is now king.

When a customer shops, they have the option to shop in-store, curbside pick-up, or delivery. Online, many platforms have streamlined their experiences, and with the advent of Facebook Shops consumers can shop across social media platforms as well as live streams.

Customers aren’t looking for the flashiest, fanciest experience, they’re favoring well-thought-out basics that ensure their concerns are being addressed. With such a wide range of options out there for consumers, companies who value customer experience overall else will start to win that sale, every time.

How can you embrace this new expectation baseline while balancing your need to get up and running quickly (and cost-effectively) while also ensuring you can expand and grow over time?

  • Focus on creating a seamless customer experience no matter if the customer is virtual or in person.
  • Online experiences that extend into the store experience, like Amazon’s AI tool where you can see an item in your space, or real time inventory information (including in-store location!) for a local store
  • Communication! Are you responsive to social media messages or customer service requests in email?
  • Analyze customer experiences to see how you can improve.
  • Offer multiple delivery options
  • Real time tracking and updates on shipping times

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