How consumer behavior will change eCommerce for good

Jun 15, 2020

If there’s one bright spot in the complete shift life has taken in 2020 it’s the speed at which eCommerce has grown in the US and around the world. As with everything this year, many retailers are in completely new territory after a whirlwind season. Suddenly, stores that were in-person shopping only needed to be good not only at eCommerce, but curbside as well! Closed, online orders only, open but with limited in-store shopping, curbside pick-up and online ordering – that’s a lot of ground to cover and cover quickly. According to Andrew Lipsman, principal analyst at eMarketer, “Certain eCommerce behaviors like online grocery shopping and click-and-collect have permanently catapulted three or four years in the future in just three or four months.”

And now that consumers are getting used to being able to shop for what they want in a variety of ways across a variety of platforms, (thanks FacebookShops) the changes are here to stay. With the ease of certain restrictions across the country, discretionary spending is finally starting to trend upwards.

WalMart has upset eBay to claim the number 2 spot in eCommerce in the United States. Already testing the click-and-collect model at a number of stores before the lockdown started in March, Walmart was ahead of the game in many areas that many stores were not.

One example of who was not ahead of the game? Home goods giant IKEA. A lockdown where most of the world shifted to working from home? This should have been a no brainer in an explosion of sales for them as one of the highest trending spending categories during the early lockdown days were office furniture!

US based stores have faced an influx of in-person customers as restrictions were eased but have lacked the options that other big box stores like Walmart and Target have managed to roll out. Tracking orders has been a nightmare, as well as a lack of click-and-collect slots. Customers (who usually do the heavy lifting at IKEA) are frustrated by the lack of service options, lack of stock and month long wait for shipped items.

What can companies do RIGHT NOW to ensure they have a place in the growing world of eCommerce?

  • Audit your basics! Are your phone number and customer service email address correct? Do all the links and product links work on your website?
  • Update their payment methods – consumers are used to choice and contactless payment options are winning out over most methods.
  • Clean up your online shipping and curbside order process – see where you can streamline your process and save time and money.

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