The Future of eCommerce

Jun 1, 2020

In the fall of 2019, Adobe’s Magento platform made predictions for the future of eCommerce in 2020. I think it’s safe to say that although no one could have predicted the level of uncertainty that is happening in the world right now, they got many things right with their forecast.

Their top predictions?

  • A digital commerce platform that is flexible and scalable will improve customer experience.
  • Personized digital content will be key in driving customer engagement.
  • Customer experience is KING. Augmented reality and highly responsive mobile experiences allow you to connect with customers whether they are online or offline.

Almost all of these have already come true.

Companies that had already invested in their digital presence have stayed afloat – those who kept their more traditional approach and did not quickly adapt to the shift to eCommerce are perishing. And it’s not just the Mom and Pop variety of stores, it’s big names like JCPenny and JCrew.

It’s not just about being able to purchase online. Everyone wants their experience to be easy and user-friendly – consumers want to get the goods they want wherever they are. Something that today is even more important than it has been in the past due to quarantine restrictions around the world.

So, what does the future hold? It’s safe to say that the rise of eCommerce will shape the future of the consumer experience around the world.  And for the majority of the companies in the world, that will mean adapting or fading off into the distance.

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