5 Tips for Getting your Products to Your Customers RIGHT NOW

May 4, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on both  local communities and economies across the globe. As many retailers have been forced to close their brick and mortar locations and join the growing eCommerce world, there has been a huge increase in online shopping and package deliveries.

Many shipping companies are still operating as essential businesses, but there are ongoing temporary delays and changes that could impact your business. To keep you moving products during this uncertain time, we’ve gathered 5 tips for getting products to your customers:

  1. Streamline your eCommerce process – Check shipping services and policies with your carriers. Due to COVID-19, some carriers have been forced to change their shipping services and policies. Shipping delays could be due to cancelled flights or reduced staff. Postal services have even been suspended to over 72 countries because of the current pandemic. However, there are other carriers that are still operating at full capacity.
  1. Avoid unnecessary trips to the post office – Print shipping labels from your location instead!  
  1. Schedule pick-up with your carrier – Packages can be left in a designated location to ensure proper social distancing guidelines.
  1. Communicate with your customers about shipping delays – send them an email, share updates with customers via an announcement bar on your storefront page or even on social media like Twitter! Giving them real time updates can ease their concerns about packages that are in transit and increase the likelihood return shoppers.
  1. Leverage social media – With so many staying home, now is a great time to share with your customers your strategies for ensuring they can still get the products they have ordered in a timely manner.

Not sure if your current shipping platform is able to keep up with your shifting business? Need to expand your eCommerce internationally but unsure about how easily packages are moving? eGlobalUSA can help you streamline your international eCommerce. Contact us TODAY to find out how we can help you move your products around the globe.



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