evaluate your international ecommerce strategy

Evaluate your International eCommerce Strategy

Apr 20, 2020

According to the experts at Forbes , consumer behavior in the first quarter of this year has drastically changed due to the worldwide pandemic. With the closures of brick and mortar stores and the increase in eCommerce for many favorites, the impact will be felt through the rest of 2020 into the busy holiday season. 

As people find themselves more reliant on online shopping, eCommerce platforms have had to adapt to the challenges needed as the digital side of every retail business has had to step up to perform at a faster rate than anyone could have predicted. Many retailers are struggling with multiple issues during this shift to eCommerce,  but especially those who sell to international markets. These include, but are not limited to, ongoing service interruptions and extended transit times. 

With postal system suspending services to over 72 countries, it’s become increasingly important that eCommerce businesses understand what questions customers may have and how to best serve them during these challenging times and in the future.

Businesses need to think of several things when setting up or evaluating their current international eCommerce strategy:

  • Are my current shipping rates too expensive?
  • What are transit times to overseas locations?
  • What countries can I ship to?
  • How long will postal service be disrupted?
  • Can I track my package?
  • Can I make changes to a delivery in progress?
  • Does my carrier have a good reputation?

Dealing with an experienced partner such as eGlobalUSA for your international eCommerce is a powerful way to boost your company’s eCommerce presence. From helping you set up your brand for international eCommerce to moving orders rapidly and efficiently through customs declarations, eGlobalUSA offers outstanding logistics support that can help you to expand your business both domestically and internationally, even in these uncertain times. 

Click here to schedule a conversation with one of our experts – we’d love to discuss how to strengthen your business in this uncertain time.  



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