The Rise of eCommerce

Jan 14, 2020

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When you think of a shopping mall in the United States, I’m sure you think the great glittering vistas of shop after shop, the smell of cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon and the ever-present food court with its variety of dining options. These glimmering giants of retail hold everything from large department stores, popular chains like Forever 21, Carter’s, Levi’s and stand-alone boutiques. But at the start of a new decade, more and more of the traditional brick and mortar stores we know are turning to eCommerce after disappointing numbers from the 2019 holiday shopping season.

Popular store Forever 21 is turning to eCommerce to fill the gaps in its revenue for the coming year. According to Alex Ok, president of Forever 21, “E-commerce forms a large chunk of the profitable core of our operations and as part of our new global strategy … to engage digitally savvy consumers today, retailers need to invest in creating a unique online experience that speaks directly to the shopper.”

Technology for eCommerce is growing, and many struggling brick and mortar stores in the United States are leveraging this new technology to grow and compete with retail giants and retail companies in countries where eCommerce is not only more popular but encouraged.

Companies like our own, eGlobalUSA are instrumental in helping traditional retail stores and eCommerce stores grow their business across international lines without the deep pockets of a retail giant. What is international eCommerce worth to you? We help retailers gain control over international shipping solutions with ease. But don’t take our word for it, sign up TODAY for a demo with our managing partner to find out for yourself!

The best part? We’re not just here for businesses. We’re also a solution for international shoppers who love brands like Forever 21! Love shopping Amazon, Forever 21, Target, and other popular U.S. Stores but can’t because they don’t ship to the country you live in? What would it feel like to have the freedom to shop your favorite U.S. Stores any time you wanted? Sign up with eGlobalUSA TODAY and get that freedom!

We can’t wait to help eCommerce rise, and help you get the products you love anywhere in the world!



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