Increase sales and ship internationally? Where do I sign up?!

Dec 9, 2019

When you think online marketplace, you immediately think of the big names like Amazon or Walmart. With their huge catalog of products and third-party sellers they promote selection with fast shipping, making it hard for traditional brick and mortar stores to keep up. This is leading to a rise in traditional brick and mortar retailers increasing their presence in the eCommerce world by opening up their own online marketplaces.

eCommerce is at an all-time high, and according to the US eCommerce Market report that’s only going to keep climbing. It’s expected that 70% of the US population will shop online by 2021. Many retailers are choosing online marketplaces to expand their product offerings beyond what they can traditionally offer due to space or location restrictions. By joining the eCommerce world, retailers can offer their goods to customers outside their brick and mortar locations and communities – they can go global! That is, until they feel the pain of international shipping and the complexities of customs compliance.

This pain point is where a lot of online retailers stop. Tariffs, customs compliance and taxes all seem like too much for a small business to handle. It doesn’t have to be this way! eGlobalUSA offers tax-free shipping, full customs compliance and track and trace at every step of the international shipping journey. Think of us as your personal guide for worldwide shipping: your international customer places the order, you ship the order to our tax-free warehouse and we do the rest, all the way through coordinating final mile delivery. You get updates at every step of the process, including pictures of the order when it ships.

If it’s truly that easy to expand your eCommerce business around the globe, what are you waiting for? Take your eCommerce presence to the next level with eGlobalUSA!



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